The Parade Dental Group practices preventative care and offers a whole range of treatments that can be tailored to you.


• Prevention
• Peace of mind
• Painless

We usually recommend a routine examination every 6 – 12 months dependent on our patients individual needs. This is to help our patients maintain a healthy mouth and avoid the discomfort, inconvenience and additional cost of emergency treatment.


• Clean Teeth
• Healthy Gums
• Fresh Breath

Did you know that you can now visit the Hygienist without seeing one of our dentists first ?

If you are a patient at another practice or simply want to have that lovely feeling of a clean mouth and fresher breath, then you can book an appointment directly with one of our Hygienists. Contact our receptionist on 725520 for details.

Our hygienists are here to help you keep your teeth clean. They can advise you on the best techniques to a cleaner healthier mouth. They will also help you with the areas that you are not cleaning so well.

Having a clean mouth does not just prevent bad breath; dirty teeth can be the cause of gum disease and loss of teeth. Failure to look after gums properly has also been implicated in heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis and respiratory problems.

The condition of your teeth and gums can be a real indicator of your general health and our hygienists are here to look after you.


• Whiter
• Brighter
• Younger

We all want nice white teeth but if tea, coffee, red wine or the foods you love have started to stain yours, we’re all kitted out to help brighten them again. Whitening is a great way to improve your smile in a safe and quick way.

Having brighter, white teeth can do a lot to boost your confidence. In fact studies have shown that we associate whiter teeth with younger faces.

At the Parade Dental Practice we use custom made bleaching trays, which are worn overnight or during the day. It is important that the correct strength of bleach is prescribed specifically for you so you get the desired result. We find that this approach gives the most reliable results to a whiter smile.

Terms & Conditions for £99 Tooth Whitening

  • New patients to the Practice will require a full examination (£44) & where necessary bitewing x-rays (£26).
  • Existing patients of the Practice who have not had an examination in six months will also require a full examination (£44) & where necessary bitewing x-rays (£26).
  • Any necessary treatment must be carried out prior to whitening.
  • Whitening is carried out using custom made bleaching trays which are worn at night. If the trays are not worn as directed by the dentist, then whitening will not occur.
  • The kit consists of four syringes of carbamide peroxide either 10% or 16% (depending on the dentist’s prescription), the custom made upper and lower bleaching trays & a storage box for the trays.
  • Extra syringes of whitening gel may be purchased at a cost of £16.
  • Verbal & written instructions will be given at the time of fitting the trays.
  • The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts eg DENPLAN.
  • The offer is time limited.
  • No refunds.


• Restoring
• Replacing
• Re-habilitating

Dr Loukas is highly qualified and experienced in Implant Dentistry. Straumann, a leading dental implant Swiss company who offers a lifetime guarantee for their implants, has made Dr Loukas their official Implant mentor for the Channel-Islands. Dr Loukas has placed almost 2000 Straumann implants with an Osseo integration success rate of 99%.

Free Implant Consultation
Dental Implants from £2500

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Established for over 40 years, our professional and experienced team offer a whole range of treatments to make sure your teeth are as fit and healthy as they can be.