Experience counts when it comes to making comfortable & natural looking dentures

Providing dentures or false teeth for patients is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do in dentistry. Whilst there is a large amount of science involved in the positioning of the teeth, the size of the denture base and ensuring as good a fit as possible, there is also a lot of artistry involved. The finished look of a denture can be greatly enhanced with some very minor adjustments during their construction – making them look almost like your own teeth.

That sort of knowledge comes from experience, and Stuart Burgher has over thirty years of experience making dentures. Having trained & worked in Scotland, where there are a high number of denture wearers, Stuart has gained a vast knowledge & experience in how to make the best possible denture for you. In fact, Stuart has probably made more dentures for patients than any other practising dentist in Jersey.

The stages of making a set of full dentures – Upper, Lower or both.

Each denture is custom-made for you.  The process starts with taking an impression of your teeth and gums.  We then use that mould to construct a custom-made impression tray – this allows us to take a more accurate impression of your teeth which results in a better fitting denture for you.

The next stage is the bite registration – this is to work out the height, length & position of the teeth as well as the size of the finished denture base.  This is possibly the most complex part of denture construction as all the factors of fit, comfort & aesthetics have to be taken into consideration to get the best denture for you.

We now try the denture in to ensure that you are happy with how the denture looks.  At this stage we can move the teeth, adjust the way you bite together, even change the colour of the teeth if you are not happy with how they look.

Finally, we fit the denture – again checking appearance & comfort but this is not the end of the process.  We want you happy with your new denture & it is often difficult when you first try it in to know if there are any areas that need adjusting.  Sometimes, you simply need to get used to your new denture, other times we may need to adjust the fit – either way we want to provide the best possible denture for you even, if it takes 3 or 4 extra visits.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can be a simple, cost effective method of replacing missing teeth around the mouth. There are three basic types, Acrylic, Flexible & Metal. We will discuss which is best for you at your initial appointment:


This is a basic plastic denture which sits on the gums. It is usually held in place by the shape of the base plate although occasionally we may add small metal clasps to improve the retention and stability of the denture.


This is also a plastic denture but as the name suggests it is flexible. This allows it to go into undercuts in the mouth making a more stable tighter denture.


This is a metal framework which clips onto the remaining teeth with the replacement teeth then attached to the framework. As the metal is much stronger than the plastic it can be made much thinner, therefore it is less bulky in the mouth, feeling much less cumbersome and more natural.

Full Dentures

Set of Full dentures (Upper & Lower)

Full Upper denture

Full Lower denture 

Partial Dentures in Acrylic

Upper OR Lower Acrylic denture (1 to 3 teeth)

Upper OR Lower Acrylic denture (4 to 8 teeth)

Partial Dentures Flexible

Upper OR Lower denture (1 to 3 teeth)

Upper OR Lower denture (4 to 8 teeth)

Metal Dentures from £1425.00

A full estimate will be given to you at your initial appointment.

Pension Plus

If you are eligible, you could claim up to £700 towards dental treatment & dentures every 2 years from the Pension Plus Scheme from the States of Jersey.

Fun Denture Facts

  • Dentures used to be made from bone and carved to fit the mouth
  • Real teeth removed from corpses used to be attached to the denture base with gold wire
  • After the battle of Waterloo, teeth were extracted from dead soldiers to be made into dentures, they were known as Napoleonic dentures
  • George Washington had a set of wooden false teeth, but the lithograph used of him on the dollar note shows his face packed with cotton wool as they never fitted particularity well
  • Up until World War 2 dentures were made from a rubberised base, called Vulcanite, but with the fall of British colonies in the Far East rubber was in short supply so they switched to using acrylic


I cannot thank Dr Burgher enough for making me dentures that are comfortable and that I feel confident wearing. Unfortunately I made the costly mistake of having dentures made at another practice, they were not fitting at all and I couldn’t wear them, I was so distressed about it. A friend recommended Dr Burgher and after a free appointment with him to discuss my ill fitting dentures he told me that the only option was to start again. I am so happy with my new dentures – what a difference!  Don’t make the same mistake as me if you need dentures go and see the experienced Dr Burgher, you won’t regret it.


My experience over 3 months with The Parade Dental Group was fantastic. I needed new dentures and on recommendation decided to go to this wonderful practice. Dr Stuart Burgher was the man, his patience, kindness and understanding alone was for me so relaxing but especially his expertise/professionalism and advice I was so grateful for so I thank him for that. Now I must mention the three lovely ladies, two I have met on reception and one aiding Stuart in the room, always cheerful, welcoming and kind. I had to return a few times, today being I hope the last but was told if I have any bother to just come in. Thank you all so much !


I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Parade Dental Group. Dr Burgher has just made my husband a new set of dentures, so he can now eat his Christmas dinner without a problem. Would highly recommend them as the service was great and staff lovely. Happy Christmas.


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