Children & Teenagers

Good dental health starts in childhood

Putting Children First

At the Parade Dental Practice, we have signed up to the States of Jersey “Putting Children First” initiative. We firmly believe that good dental health starts in childhood with good oral hygiene and good dental habits.

One of those habits should be regular visits to the dentist. In order to encourage Children & Teenagers to come to the dentist for routine check ups, we halved the cost of our exams and X-rays in 2020 along with reducing many other fees.

Unlike most other practices, parents do not need to be registered with the practice to benefit from theses prices but children and teenagers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for their appointment. Children up to 6 year old can only have 1 free dental checkup per year.

Regular Check-ups allow us to:

  • Check for decay
  • Ensure that the teeth are developing properly
  • Ensure that the bite is developing properly and organise Orthodontics treatment if required
  • Advise on proper tooth brushing and cleaning
  • Dietary advice to prevent dental decay

Looking after your teeth properly needs to start in childhood when the teeth are forming and erupting in the mouth. Fewer fillings means fewer problems in later life and in the long run will cost a lot less. Dental decay is an entirely preventable disease and prevention starts as a child, fostering good oral hygiene and a healthy diet.

In support of the “Putting Children First” campaign we slashed the price of Checkups for Children & Teenagers in 2020 and we are extending the scheme into 2021.

Prices for Check ups for 2021:

Checkup for 0 to 6 year old


Checkup for 7 to 11 year old



Checkup for 12 to 18 year old



Other common prices for Children & Teenagers:


Emergency appointment for 0 to 11 year old
from  £10

Emergency appointment for 12 to 18 year old
from  £17

White filling (time dependent)
from   £24

Extractions (time dependent)
from  £72

Sports Mouthguard
from  £56

Dental Trauma

Accidents do happen and teeth do get damaged but you can minimise the risks during sports by having a good fitting mouthguard.

If the worst does happen, follow the advice here or visit

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